Friday, 9 April 2010


Welcome, me, to blogging! I don't expect that this blog will be updated on anything approaching a regular basis (especially as there's a dissertation that I should be working on as I speak), but it's been something I've been meaning to do for a while now. Having to create a Blogger account for something else has provided me with an excuse.

The internet suffers from a serious case of surplus content. It's so easy to express an opinion without having to think too carefully about it, and equally easy to avoid anything you know in advance you're going to disagree with. I'm not good at expressing opinions, or having deeply held convictions, or believing myself to be unassailably right. I'm good at asking questions though, and that's what I intend to do.

To you, the reader, I ask three things;
  1. Please approach this blog with an open mind. If you have a prepared answer to a question posed, please challenge it before dismissing the question.
  2. Please take time over this process. I know that, since you're surfing the web, you're not expecting to spend more than 2 minutes on any one thing, but it'll make a nice change, I promise!
  3. Please comment. The questions here aren't (all!) rhetorical, and if you don't have an opinion to share then bringing more questions to the debate is the whole point of the exercise. So don't be too nervous about not knowing something; the fact that I don't is the reason behind the blog.
Reading back over this first post I should also point out that I have a tendency to take myself a little too seriously, so please feel free to scorn and ridicule as you see fit! As long as you all play nicely....


  1. I have a (semi) question for you - What do you mean you're no good at expressing opinions? I would challenge that notion, since you've always seemed perfectly capable of it to me! :) I say, down with this unjustified modesty! :)

    Also - welcome to the blogosphere! Nice sandbox :)

  2. I often used to think about all the things I'd post if I started a blog. Then when I properly started using Livejournal, I found that most of the entries I post are rushed and nowhere near as interesting as they could be. I wrote a lot of good entries in my head, but they often don't make it to paper. I think it's good for my head anyway, though.

  3. PS you already seem to be doing more than me, and I'll totally follow this.

    PPS this is fish headed green Amy, not girlfriend Amy or any of the numerous Amys you could know. I wasn't sure what it would list my name as when I selected "Google account"...

  4. Lol Amy I'm glad you cleared your identity up, that could have been embarrassing....

  5. You don't expect that this blog will be updated on anything approaching a regular basis, especially as you should be working on a dissertation?

    That's precisely why I'd expect this blog to receive plenty of updates. :-p